Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stetson the Builder!!!

Sometimes my kid amazes me! Well, actually more often than not. With all the trouble we have had with language, Stetson has always excelled in puzzles! Chad is the same way, which is why he is such a great mechanic. You have to have a certain mind to be able to look at something and know how to put it together. I am not that way. I mess it up, even if I read and follow the directions step by step. Last Christmas, my dad got Stetson some Lincoln Logs. Up until now he has played with them, but hasn't really built much. But Yesterday he built this great two level house!

He included Windows

He even put in two doors!!!

Stetson is 4 and a half, and his language is actually doing excellent! I love being his mom, and seeing the new things that he learns to do!

and I am thankful for these lincoln logs that are going to help our winter and having to stay inside seem not so boring!

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